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          Selling the Highest Quality Cassette Deck, R/R and CD Player Belts on the Planet Since 2007

                                                                       Made in Japan


Saturday 9-23-2016

Business Update

Hello Customers,

I will not be available to answer email next week. ( 9-25 thru 10-1 )

I continue to search for a New Home in Kentucky.

Krista is shipping orders that had been received, prior to me leaving Texas.

IF you are concerned about a Order you placed and Prefer a Refund,

just send a message to . I will personally issue

your Refund. Please Note: Receiving a Refund Directly from Marrs Communications

will be MUCH faster than filing a claim with PayPal !

Since I am in the middle of my home search and moving, I am NOT able to answer

questions or issue Refunds on a Daily Basis.

Please continue to be patient, No customer has ever lost a nickle doing business

with Marrs Communications, and Never Will !

Thanks very Much,

Fred & Krista M.



Thursday 9-15-2016 

Current Ship Time Estimate:




Thursday 9-15-2016

We want to thank everyone for your Continued Support and

Patience since the Loss of our Home in May.

The website will be closed for about 3 Weeks.

Krista has been sick for the past week.

All orders that have been received at Marrs Communications will be shipped ASAP,

and Krista will follow up with a Payment Received confirmation message with every customer.


Krista and I will be Physically Moving, in the next couple of Weeks.


When the website is Reopened, Marrs Communications will be a Larger, Stronger,

More efficient Company, with the most Competitive Pricing we have ever offered.

Prices will be Reduced on Many Belt Kits, for All Brands


Priority Mail will continue to be the only shipping option.

This is Marrs policy because all Packages can be Tracked and the Flat

Rate small box provides Protection to the Belts from being Damaged by Mail

"Sorting Machines".

We do Not make a Profit on Postage with the exception of $1.00 to cover the

cost of the Postage Labels which MUST be purchased from the US Postal Service.


Discounts will only be offered to our Service Center Customers at 20% off on all Products.

All other Discounts will be discontinued.

Service Center Customers must send a "COPY" of your order to:

If a "COPY" is not sent to , you will not receive your Discount

or Priority Order Processing.


Tapeheads members will not be eligible for Discounts with the exception

of a possible "Discount Rebate Program" the end of each year.

Minimum Net Purchase requirements, will be established within the next 90 Days.

( A file is maintained for every Tapeheads customer for this Reason ).

A "COPY" of your Purchase must be emailed to: ,

INCLUDING your User Name to be eligible for the possible "Discount Rebate Program"

and Priority Order Processing.


We are still NOT doing Research for kits that are not Listed on the website,

but will as soon as I get a Permanent Home.


Marrs Communications is your ONLY source for Belts Manufactured in Japan !

Thanks Again for your Business !

Fred & Krista M.


ORDERS:          ( For Orders Only )


Questions and Inquiries to FRED :



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                A Great site for endless Information about all Tape Formats.


Shipping Information For All Customers


       All Customers receive a " Payment Received " Conformation message.

       Krista will follow up with your Tracking Number when your order is MAILED

       Current Estimated Ship Times are listed in the right hand column of This Page.



                                                           MARRS HAS BELTS FOR EVERYTHING

                                                                    ALL BRANDS, ALL MODELS

                                                                  OVER 28,500 BELTS IN STOCK !


  Aiwa,   Akai,   Alpine/Luxman,   Ampex,   Bang & Olufsen,   BIC,   Carver,   Craig,   Denon,   Dokorder,

  Dual Brand Cassette,   Elac,   Fostex,   Harman Kardon / Rabco,   Hitachi,   JVC,   Kenwood,   Kyocera,

  Marantz,   McIntosh,   Mission,   Mitsubishi,   NAD,   Nagra,   Nakamichi,   Nikko,   Onkyo,   Otari,

  Panasonic,   Philips,   Pioneer,   Proton,   Radio Shack / Realistic,   Revox,   Rotel,   S.A.E.,   Sansui, 

  Sankyo,   Sanyo,   Sharp,   Sony,   Sony Walkman,   Superscope,   Tandberg,   Tascam,   Teac,   Technics,

  Yamaha,   and   8-Track Belts for All Brands.


( Cassette Decks,  R/R Machines, Elcaste Decks, CD Players, DVD Players D.A.T. Machines, Sony Walkman )



                               Factory Kit Performance Guarantee 10 Years


     Factory Kits are Guaranteed to meet the Manufacturers Published wow/flutter

     Specifications on YOUR machine, IF your transport is Fully Serviced, for 10 Years.

     No other Belt Supplier makes this Guarantee !





The Factory in Japan where my belts are manufactured, is a ( O.E.M. )

Original Equipment Manufacturer Supplier


O.E.M Factories do not sell to the Public or Belt Distributors. ( Known as the Aftermarket )


O.E.M. Factories Only sell to the Manufacturers of  "Audio Equipment"

(The company that made your Tape Deck, CD Player or Walkman)

This ensures the Highest Quality available.


Marrs Communications: HOW IT ALL STARTED


In March of 2006, there was a desperate need worldwide for Belts that would work

correctly in Nakamichi Cassette Decks. Unlike other Cassette Deck builders,

Nakamichi manufactured their own " Tape Transport ".  (The parts that moves the tape)

This is a Precision Transport unlike any other, even today.


This transport demanded a Capstan Belt that must be made to exact Nakamichi Specifications

or the machine would not meet published Performance Specifications. (wow/flutter)

After a year for research, Marrs had these capstan belts Custom Manufactured in Japan.


The first order of belts was received from Japan on June 29, 2007


At the request of customers, I started adding additional Brands to the kits I offered.

In most cases the Capstan Belt included in my kit for "All Brands", are manufactured in

the same Factory, and are not available from any other Belt Seller.


Marrs Communications is the only Source for these Custom Factory Belts.





My O.E.M. Factory in Japan held a Contract with Nakamichi and supplied them with all of their Belt needs.

This included Belts for the Nakamichi assembly line, and parts department. 


All Nakamichi Factory Belts are the same O.E.M. Dimensions that Nakamichi demanded

and were installed on Your Machine at the Nakamichi Factory.



Marrs, Provides the FRESHEST, _ Highest QUALITY, _ Best FITTING

Belts Available, from ANY Source, at ANY Price, _ GUARANTEED !


Straight Talk,  Quality Belts,  1st Class Customer Service.


Customer Comments :


Fred, your D2 8096 are Very Good



Customer Service

I have to admit, yours is the finest customer support I have experienced in a long time.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Cheers, Ralph P


Belt Performance

I just installed one of your Nakamichi D-3,  ZX-9 capstan belts on a friend's deck, and the W&F is now

consistently below 0.04% DIN peak, and near 0.03% most of the time. This is better than Nak specs !

Cheers,  Sam


Nakamichi and the Nakamichi Logo, are registered trademarks of Nakamichi Japan


Marrs Communications