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                                            THE "FINE PRINT"

                         Order processing, Shipping Policies, and What you can expect

               Many thanks to our 900+ Loyal Customers. Your Business is Greatly Appreciated !



About Marrs

Marrs Communications consist of Krista M.

We assemble and mail 100's of belt Kits Monthly.



We offer a Belt Product manufactured in Japan, and Quality procedures no other Belt seller offers.

We offer a Belt Performance Guarantee no other Belt sellers offer.


Marrs customer base consist of Repair Centers and Audiophiles who want the Absolute best Belts

available, to obtain the Absolute best Performance for their machines.


If you want the Highest Quality Belts on earth, you are in the right Place.  ( Undisputed )

98.6% of our Belts are Manufactured in Japan.


If you need your Belts Yesterday, please place your order elsewhere.


Marrs is your only source for Cassette Deck, R/R, CD Player, DVD Player, D.A.T. and Turntable Belts

                                                    Manufactured in Japan 





Our Guaranteed FIXED ship Time is 10 Business Days.  ( 0 - 10 Business Days )

( NOTICE: Your Shipping Label with Tracking Number, is Printed when

your Payment is Received.  This is a Dual Purpose Payment "Confirmation"

You MAY not see tracking movement for up to 10 Business Days )


We accept no Responsibility for mailing delays if the customer does not send their

Brand & Model information with payment, makes payment with One email address,

and uses a DIFFERENT contact email address.



Order  "Add On"  Ended

Marrs will no longer allow customers to "Add To" a previously placed order.

We are simply too Busy to make sure "added items" get added to a previously placed order.


If your Order is going to be delayed for ANY reason, you will be notified and have the option

of a Cancelling the Order, Receiving a Refund, or Waiting for any Belts needed to arrive.


Shipping charges are NEVER Refundable. We Provide the Tracking Numbers for every order.

The United States Postal Service DOES lose packages, even with Tracking Numbers.


Filing a PayPal claim is NEVER necessary. _ Don't Do it !

Claims just complicate the Resolution Process !

If you have a problem with your order, Just send a email message Requesting

a Refund or explaining the Problem.

Purchases are 100% refundable IF, your order has not been mailed.


You Must Forward:

Full Name, Order Date, Item ordered and PayPal Transaction Number.

( )


International Customs Delays:

A Tracking Number is Provided with every Order. If a International Order

is " HELD BY CUSTOMS ", Marrs accepts NO Responsibility and Shipping is

NOT Refundable or Paid on Replacement Orders.


Additional Processing Information:

Marrs Kits are not assembled until After your payment is Received.


Belt Manufacturers and Distributors that are still in Business today, have not updated their

application and part number interchange database in over 36 Years.


This outdated database is used by All " Other " Belt Sellers, and includes over 1,260 mistakes.


Marrs has made over 1,306 Corrections to this database since 2007.

Marrs Does not, Has not, and Will not, share these Corrections with Anyone.

We are the only Belt Supplier that has this Corrected and Updated information.


What does the mean for our Customers ?

Marrs has the most complete, most accurate, Belt Information in the Industry.


Each Kit is Custom assembled and includes All Belts specific to your Brand and Model of Machine.

Marrs kits include the Original size and Style of belts installed on your machine at the Factory.

No Bag-O-Belts assortment or will work belts of any kind are used by Marrs, NEVER.

(Unless customer has Approved)


Factory Service Manuals are available in PDF format, for most Brands and Models for $8.00

( A kit purchase is no longer necessary )


Factory Service manuals provide the most detailed information available for your machine.

( "Official Factory" Step by Step belt replacement instructions DO NOT EXIST )

Factory Service Manuals available for $8.00 ea.


While assembling your kit, every Belt gets Inspected for Perfection.


Marrs "order processing procedure" is very time consuming BUT insures you receive the

Best fitting Kit, using the Highest Quality Belts money can Buy, ___ Guaranteed.






No other Seller provides Belts for as many applications as Marrs, _ Quality O.E.M. Factory Belts

made in Japan, or the effort to provide the best fitting Kits available.

Marrs Factory D Belt  "Performance Guarantee" is unmatched in the Industry.


Your Business is Greatly Appreciated,

Fred and Krista M.




Your Factory belts are really amazing! My Aiwa AD-F990 now sounds perfect.

Best Regards, Gustavo.


I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity.                                                                                  I truly did not expect to find replacements for the belts, much less such acts of kindness                               and wonderful service.                                                                                                                                               Our country could shurly use more people like you. I am a 88 year old senior who lost his beloved              wife 11.5 months ago and this CD player was a birthday gift to her over 20 years ago.                                      We loved listening to good piano music on it. Thanks to you I will be able to continue listening to it..

Sony 4-231-326-01
Sincerely, Bob Grady

Fred, Can't thank you enough for your kindness in sending me the Sony PDF file I needed at no charge.

This country would be a paradise for the consumer, if more businesses treated them the way you do !

Thank you again,   Bill D.