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                                                    AKAI CASSETTE BELTS LIFETIME GUARANTEE



                          Factory Kits are Guaranteed to meet Akai published wow/flutter specifications

                          on Your machine, IF your transport is fully serviced.

                          Performance portion of Guarantee Limited to 10 Years.


                           Marrs is the ONLY Belt Supplier to make this Guarantee.


AKAI D9                 Complete Factory Kit                                                     $35.75

GX          GX-6,   GX-7,   GX-8,   GX-73,   GX-75,   GX-75MKII,

               GX-93,   GX-95,   GX-95MKII,   GX-902

GX-R      GX-R88,   GX-R99



                                                      AKAI PREMIUM CASSETTE BELTS

                                                              LIFETIME GUARANTEE


CS        CS-30,   CS-33D,   CS-7070        ( 1 Belt )                                   Premium       $18.75


                                                                                                            Kit  $26.25    NOW $25.75

CS        CS-34D,   CS-35D,   CS-50,   CS-50D,   CS-55,  

              CS-340,   CS-702D,   CS-702DII,   CS-703D,   CS-705D,

              CS-707D,   CS-732D


CS-F     CS-F9,   CS-F11,   CS-F12,   CS-F14,   CS-F21,   CS-F33R,

               CS-F110,   CS-F210,   CS-F210J


CS-M     CS-M3,   CS-M4,   CS-M40R


CS-M0   CS-M01/A,   CS-M02,   CS-M03,   CS-M04

                                                                                                            Kit  $26.25    NOW $25.75


DX          DX-57,   DX-59


GX          GX-6,   GX-7,   GX-8,   GX-9,   GX-15,   GX-52,   GX-65,

                GX-65MKII,   GX-67,   GX-69,   GX-73,   GX-75,   GX-75MKII,

                GX-93,   GX-95,   GX-95MKII,   GX-902,   GX-912



                                                     AKAI PREMIUM CASSETTE BELTS

                                                              LIFETIME GUARANTEE

                                                                                                            Kit  $26.25    NOW $25.75

GX-     GX-A5,   GX-A5X


GXC   GXC-38D,   GXC-39D,   GXC-40D,   GXC-46D,   GXC-65D,

            GXC-75D,   GXC-310D,   GXC-325,   GXC-500D,   GXC-502D,

            GXC-505D,   GXC-510D,   GXC-570D,   GXC-570DII,   GXC-704D,

            GXC-706D,   GXC-709D,   GXC-710D,   GXC-725D,   GXC-730D,

            GXC-735D,   GXC-740,   GXC-740D,   GXC-745D,   GXC-750D,

            GXC-760D,   GXC-7060


                                                                                                            Kit $26.25    NOW $25.75

GX-      GX-F25,   GX-F31,   GX-F35,   GX-F44R,   GX-F51,   GX-F60R,

                GX-F66R,   GX-F80,   GX-F91,   GX-F95


                GX-F71,   GX-F90,   GX-F91        Direct Drive                                ( 2 Belts  $19.25 )



                                                                                                            Kit $26.25    NOW $25.75

GX-M      GX-M10,   GX-M30,   GX-M50


GX-R       GX-R6,   GX-R60,   GX-R66,   GX-R70,   GX-R88,   GX-R99


HX-R       HX-R5


                                AKAI 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS


CR-80D,   CR-80D-SS,   CR-80SS,   CR-80T,   CR-81D,

CR-81T,   CR-83D


MARRS, Provides the FRESHEST, _ Highest QUALITY, _ Best FITTING

Belts Available, from ANY Source, _ at ANY Price, _ GUARANTEED !

Straight Talk,  Quality Belts,  1st Class Customer Service.