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                                      PIONEER PREMIUM CASSETTE BELTS GUARANTEED 10 YEARS

                                                                                      MADE IN JAPAN




                                                                          ( If Available and Requested )


                                                                Don't see your Model Number ?  Just Ask


                                           Idler Tires And Pinch Rollers are Not Included in Pioneer Kits


                                                                        (All Capstan Belts Made in Japan)



                                                                                                          PREMIUM SINGLE KITS:            $26.25 *


CT        CT-3,   CT-4,   CT-5,   CT-6R,   CT-7R,   CT-8R,   CT-9R,   CT-10,   CT-20,   CT-30,   CT-40,


              CT-41,   CT-42,   CT-43,   CT-50R,   CT-70R,   CT-90,   CT-91,   CT-93,   CT-95,   CT-110,


              CT-200,   CT-225,   CT-301,   CT-305,   CT-320,   CT-330,   CT-335,   CT-339S,   CT-340,


              CT-350,   CT-400,   CT-405,   CT-450,   CT-501,   CT-506,   CT-520,   CT-540,   CT-606,


              CT-656,     CT-660,   CT-670,   CT-676S,   CT-709S,   CT-720,   CT-730,   CT-737,


              CT-740,   CT-760,   CT-770,   CT-777S,   CT-900S,   CT-920S,   CT-930,   CT-939,


              CT-940,   CT-950,   CT-959,   CT-960,   CT-979,   CT-970,   CT-979,   CT-1040W,


              CT-1050W,   CT-1060W,   CT-1160R,   CT-1170,   CT-1250,   CT-1260R,   CT-1270WR,


              CT-1280WR,   CT-1370WR,   CT-2070R,   CT-3000M,


              CT-3131,   CT-4141,   CT-4242,   CT-5151



                                                                      Factory Kit ONLY available for these Models        $29.75 *

CT-A   CT-A1 ( Phase Linear 7000 ),   CT-A7,   CT-A7X,   CT-A9,   XT-A9X




                                                                                                       PREMIUM DOUBLE KITS           $28.25 *

                                                                                                           Belts for Both Decks

CT-0    CT-05,   CT-05D,   CT-05W,   CT-055W


CT-C   CT-C7,   CT-C7R,   CT-C8,   CT-C9W



                                                                                                          PREMIUM SINGLE KITS:         $26.25 *


CT-F   CT-F500,   CT-F505,   CT-F550,   CT-F555,   CT-F600,   CT-F605,   CT-F615,   CT-F650


            CT-F700,   CT-F717X N.L.A.   CT-F750,   CT-F755,   CT-F800,   CT-F850,   CT-F900,


            CT-F950,   CT-F1000,   CT-F1050,   CT-F1250,   CT-F2121,   CT-F4242,   CT-F6060,


            CT-F6161,   CT-F6262,   CT-F7070,   CT-F7171,   CT-F7272,   CT-F8080,   CT-F8282,




                                                                                                        PREMIUM SINGLE KITS:         $26.25 *


CT-J   CT-J200WR,   CT-J300WR,   CT-J400WR 


CT-M   CT-M5R,   CT-M6R,   CT-M50R,   CT-M55R,   CT-M66R,   CT-M601R



                                                                                                        PREMIUM SINGLE KITS:         $24.75 *


CT-S   CT-S11,   CT-S22,   CT-S44,   CT-S55R,   CT-S66R,   CT-S77R,   ST-S88R,


             CT-S305,   CT-S310,   CT-S405,   CT-S407,   CT-S430,   CT-S440,   CT-S530,


              CT-S550S,   CT-S600R,   CT-S601R,      CT-S620,


              CT-S630,   CT-S670D,      CT-S709,   CT-S710,   CT-S740,   CT-S800,


              CT-S820,   CT-S830,   CT-S910,   CT-S920S


CT        CT-S607R,   CT-S609R,   CT-S707                                      CAPSTAN BELT ONLY           $21.25




                                          DOUBLE CASSETTE DECK                    PREMIUM DOUBLE KITS       $28.25 *

                                                                                                                       Belts for Both Decks

CT-S    CT-S99WR,   CT-S99WR-BK,



            DOUBLE CASSETTE DECKS                                               PREMIUM DOUBLE KITS         $28.25 *

                                                                                                                      Belts for Both Decks


CT-W     CT-W51,   CT-W53,   CT-W103,   CT-W106,   CT-W201,   CT-W205R,   CT-W208R,


               CT-W250,   CT-W300,   CT-W302,   CT-W310,   CT-W330,   CT-W340,   CT-W350R,


                CT-W355R,   CT-W401R,   CT-402R,   CT-W420R,   CT-W450R,   CT-W451R,   CT-W501R,


                CT-W502R,   CT-W503R,   CT-W504R,   CT-W505R,   CT-W510,   CT-W550R,   CT-W600R,


                CT-W601R,   CT-W602R,   CT-W603R,   CT-W604RS,   CT-W606DR,   CT-W616DR,


                CT-W620R,   CT-W630R,   CT-W650R,   CT-W703RS,   CT-W704RS,   CT-W706DR,


                CT-W770R,   CT-W801R,   CT-W806R,   CT-W850R,   CT-W901R,   CT-W910R,


                CT-W950R,   CT-W960R


                                                                                                           PREMIUM DOUBLE KITS         $28.25 *

                                                                                                                Belts for Both Decks


CT-WM    CT-WM60R,   CT-WM62R,   CT-WM70R,   CT-WM77R 


CT-X        CT-X5,   CT-X6,   CT-X8W,   CT-X9,   CT-X300,   CT-X500,   CT-X700,   CT-X707


CT-Z        CT-Z99W



RX PORTABLE CASSETTE                                                   ( 1 to 4 Belts )         $25.75

                                                                                                Excludes Free Service Manual

                                                                                                        Available for $6.00


RX-1440,   RX-1450,   RX-1460,   RX-1461,   RX-1470,

RX-1480,   RX-1540,   RX-1550,   RX-1650,   RX-1660, 

RX-1680,   RX-1740,   RX-1761,   RX-1810,   RX-1820,

RX-1830,   RX-1900,   RX-1950,   RX-1955,   RX-1960,

RX-2000,   RX-2700    


                                                                                                Excludes Free Service Manual

                                                                                                        Available for $6.00

RX       RECEIVERS WITH CASSETTE DECK                                                       $25.75

            RX-390,   RX-531,   RX-540,   RX541


                                                                                                Excludes Free Service Manual

                                                                                                        Available for $6.00

PIONEER " MINI SYSTEMS "                                    ( 5 to7 Belts )                       $25.75


XR-A      XR-A100,   XR-A500,   XR-A600,   XR-A700

                XR-A770,   XR-A800,   XR-A880


                                                                                                Excludes Free Service Manual

                                                                                                        Available for $6.00

PIONEER 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS                                                                        $17.50

3120,  3302,  HR-65,  HR-82F,  HR-99,  HR-100,  HR-881K,  HR-9000


TC-3,                                                                                                        1 Belt               $15.75  

TH-30,  TH-303,  TH-2211


TP-222,  TP-232,  TP-233,  TP-252                                                   2 Belts             $17.50



TP-555,  TP-700,  TP-727,  TP-727E,  TP-777,  TP-800,  TP-800E,  TP-801E, 

TP-828E,  TP-900,  TP900E,  TP-1000G/ZE,  TP-6000G,  TP6001,  TP-6006

TP-7000G,  TP-7006,  TP-8000E,  TP-8001E,  TP-9004,  TP-9005,  TP-9005GK,  TP-9006



CRAIG was a Division of Pioneer Electronics Corp.


                                                                                                Excludes Free Service Manual

                                                                                                        Available for $6.00

CRAIG 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS                                                    1 to 3 Belts     $16.75


3101,  3102,  3108,  3112,  3115,  3119,  3120,  3121,  3122,

3123,  3124,  3125,  3126,  3128,  3129,  3130,  3132,  3133,  3134,  3135,  3136,  3137,  3138,

3139,  3140,  3142,  3143,  3144,  3145,  3146,  3148,  3149,  3152,  3153,  3203,  3205,  3209,

3211,  3212,  3213,  3216,  3219,  3220,  3300,  3302,  3304,  3307,  3501,  3504,  3505,  3506,

3507,  3509,  3510/A,  3511,  3512,  3513,  3514,  3515,  3516,  3517,  3519,  3520,  3521, 

4320,  5201,  5600,  5680


                                                                                                Excludes Free Service Manual

                                                                                                        Available for $6.00

CRAIG HOME PLAYERS                                                                      1 or 2 Belts   $16.75


H      H-220,  H-240,  H-241,  H-260,  H-261,  H-300,  H-301,  H-340,  H-341

         H-362,  H-364,  H-365,  H-400,  H-421,  H-422,  H-423,  H-460,  H-462

         H-464,  H-465,  H-560 


                                                                                                Excludes Free Service Manual

                                                                                                        Available for $6.00

CRAIG CAR 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS                                           1 or 2 Belts    $16.75


S-100,  S-101,  S102,  S-103,  S-180,  S-200,  S-201,  S-280,  S281,  S-600,  S-601,  S-602, 

S-603,  S-604,  S-605,  S-606,  S-607,  S-608,  S-609,  S-611,  S-620,  S-631,  S-632,  S-633,

S-S636,  S680,  S682,  S683,  S-685,  S-686,  S-900


                                                                                                Excludes Free Service Manual

                                                                                                        Available for $6.00



Craig 910 R/R                                    ( 3 Belts )                  $23.25

Craig 212  Mini 3" R/R                    ( 2 Belts )                   $22.75



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