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                                      PIONEER PREMIUM CASSETTE BELTS GUARANTEED 10 YEARS

                                                                                MADE IN JAPAN


                                                             Don't see your Model Number ?  Just Ask


PDF SERVICE MANUALS:     Kit Purchase No Longer Necessary $8.00




Our Kits include the exact belts Specific to Your Brand and Model ONLY.


                                       Idler Tires And Pinch Rollers are Not Included in Pioneer Kits


                                                                  (All Capstan Belts Made in Japan)



                                                                                                          PREMIUM SINGLE KITS:            $26.25 


CT        CT-3,   CT-4,   CT-5,   CT-6R,   CT-7R,   CT-8R,   CT-9R,   CT-10,   CT-20,   CT-30,   CT-40,


              CT-41,   CT-42,   CT-43,   CT-50R,   CT-70R,   CT-90,   CT-91,   CT-93,   CT-95,   CT-110,


              CT-200,   CT-225,   CT-301,   CT-305,   CT-320,   CT-330,   CT-335,   CT-339S,   CT-340,


              CT-350,   CT-400,   CT-405,   CT-450,   CT-501,   CT-506,   CT-520,   CT-540,   CT-606,


              CT-656,     CT-660,   CT-670,   CT-676S,   CT-709S,   CT-720,   CT-730,   CT-737,


                                                                                                          PREMIUM SINGLE KITS:            $26.25


              CT-740,   CT-760,   CT-770,   CT-777S,   CT-900S,   CT-920S,   CT-930,   CT-939,


              CT-940,   CT-950,   CT-959,   CT-960,   CT-979,   CT-970,   CT-979,   CT-1040W,


              CT-1050W,   CT-1060W,   CT-1160R,   CT-1170,   CT-1250,   CT-1260R,   CT-1270WR,


              CT-1280WR,   CT-1370WR,   CT-2070R,   CT-3000M,


              CT-3131,   CT-4141,   CT-4242,   CT-5151



                                                                                                                              Factory Kit         $32.25

CT-A   CT-A1 ( Phase Linear 7000 ),   CT-A7,   CT-A7X,   CT-A9,   XT-A9X

            Guaranteed to Meet Pioneer wow/flutter specifications !




                                                                                                       PREMIUM DOUBLE KITS         $28.25

                                                                                                           Belts for Both Decks

CT-0    CT-05,   CT-05D,   CT-05W,   CT-055W


CT-C   CT-C7,   CT-C7R,   CT-C8,   CT-C9W



                                                                                                          PREMIUM SINGLE KITS:         $26.25


CT-F   CT-F500,   CT-F505,   CT-F550,   CT-F555,   CT-F600,   CT-F605,   CT-F615,   CT-F650


            CT-F700,   CT-F717X N.L.A.   CT-F750,   CT-F755,   CT-F800,   CT-F850,   CT-F900,


            CT-F950,   CT-F1000,   CT-F1050,   CT-F1250,   CT-F2121,   CT-F4242,   CT-F6060,


            CT-F6161,   CT-F6262,   CT-F7070,   CT-F7171,   CT-F7272,   CT-F8080,   CT-F8282,




                                                                                                        PREMIUM SINGLE KITS:         $26.25


CT-J   CT-J200WR,   CT-J300WR,   CT-J400WR 


CT-M   CT-M5R,   CT-M6R,   CT-M50R,   CT-M55R,   CT-M66R,   CT-M601R



                                                                                                        PREMIUM SINGLE KITS:         $26.25


CT-S   CT-S11,   CT-S22,   CT-S44,   CT-S55R,   CT-S66R,   CT-S77R,   ST-S88R,


             CT-S305,   CT-S310,   CT-S405,   CT-S407,   CT-S430,   CT-S440,   CT-S530,


              CT-S550S,   CT-S600R,   CT-S601R,      CT-S620,


              CT-S630,   CT-S670D,      CT-S709,   CT-S710,   CT-S740,   CT-S800,


              CT-S820,   CT-S830,   CT-S910,   CT-S920S


CT        CT-S607R,   CT-S609R,   CT-S707                                      CAPSTAN BELT ONLY           $21.25




                                          DOUBLE CASSETTE DECK                    PREMIUM DOUBLE KITS       $28.25

                                                                                                                       Belts for Both Decks


CT-S    CT-S99WR,   CT-S99WR-BK,



            DOUBLE CASSETTE DECKS                                               PREMIUM DOUBLE KITS         $28.25

                                                                                                                      Belts for Both Decks


CT-W     CT-W51,   CT-W53,   CT-W103,   CT-W106,   CT-W201,   CT-W205R,   CT-W208R,


               CT-W250,   CT-W300,   CT-W302,   CT-W310,   CT-W330,   CT-W340,   CT-W350R,


                CT-W355R,   CT-W401R,   CT-402R,   CT-W420R,   CT-W450R,   CT-W451R,   CT-W501R,


                CT-W502R,   CT-W503R,   CT-W504R,   CT-W505R,   CT-W510,   CT-W550R,   CT-W600R,


                CT-W601R,   CT-W602R,   CT-W603R,   CT-W604RS,   CT-W606DR,   CT-W616DR,


                CT-W620R,   CT-W630R,   CT-W650R,   CT-W703RS,   CT-W704RS,   CT-W706DR,


                CT-W770R,   CT-W801R,   CT-W806R,   CT-W850R,   CT-W901R,   CT-W910R,


                CT-W950R,   CT-W960R


                                                                                                           PREMIUM DOUBLE KITS         $28.25

                                                                                                               Belts for Both Decks


CT-WM    CT-WM60R,   CT-WM62R,   CT-WM70R,   CT-WM77R 


CT-X        CT-X5,   CT-X6,   CT-X8W,   CT-X9,   CT-X300,   CT-X450,   CT-X500,   CT-X700,   CT-X707


CT-Z        CT-Z99W



RX PORTABLE CASSETTE                                                   ( 1 to 4 Belts )         $25.75



RX-1440,   RX-1450,   RX-1460,   RX-1461,   RX-1470,

RX-1480,   RX-1540,   RX-1550,   RX-1650,   RX-1660, 

RX-1680,   RX-1740,   RX-1761,   RX-1810,   RX-1820,

RX-1830,   RX-1900,   RX-1950,   RX-1955,   RX-1960,

RX-2000,   RX-2700    


RX       RECEIVERS WITH CASSETTE DECK                                                       $25.75

            RX-390,   RX-531,   RX-540,   RX541



PIONEER " MINI SYSTEMS "                                    ( 5 to7 Belts )                       $25.75


XR-A      XR-A100,   XR-A500,   XR-A600,   XR-A700

                XR-A770,   XR-A800,   XR-A880


PIONEER 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS                                                                       $17.50

3120,  3302,  HR-65,  HR-82F,  HR-99,  HR-100,  HR-881K,  HR-9000


TC-3,                                                                                                   1 Belt              $16.25  

TH-30,  TH-303,  TH-2211


TP-222,  TP-232,  TP-233,  TP-252                                                   2 Belts             $17.50



TP-555,  TP-700,  TP-727,  TP-727E,  TP-777,  TP-800,  TP-800E,  TP-801E, 

TP-828E,  TP-900,  TP900E,  TP-1000G/ZE,  TP-6000G,  TP6001,  TP-6006

TP-7000G,  TP-7006,  TP-8000E,  TP-8001E,  TP-9004,  TP-9005,  TP-9005GK,  TP-9006



CRAIG was a Division of Pioneer Electronics Corp.


CRAIG 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS                                                    1 to 3 Belts     $18.75


3101,  3102,  3108,  3112,  3115,  3119,  3120,  3121,  3122,

3123,  3124,  3125,  3126,  3128,  3129,  3130,  3132,  3133,  3134,  3135,  3136,  3137,  3138,

3139,  3140,  3142,  3143,  3144,  3145,  3146,  3148,  3149,  3152,  3153,  3203,  3205,  3209,

3211,  3212,  3213,  3216,  3219,  3220,  3300,  3302,  3304,  3307,  3501,  3504,  3505,  3506,

3507,  3509,  3510/A,  3511,  3512,  3513,  3514,  3515,  3516,  3517,  3519,  3520,  3521, 

4320,  5201,  5600,  5680



CRAIG HOME PLAYERS                                                                      1 or 2 Belts   $18.75


H      H-220,  H-240,  H-241,  H-260,  H-261,  H-300,  H-301,  H-340,  H-341

         H-362,  H-364,  H-365,  H-400,  H-421,  H-422,  H-423,  H-460,  H-462

         H-464,  H-465,  H-560 



CRAIG CAR 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS                                           1 or 2 Belts    $18.75


S-100,  S-101,  S102,  S-103,  S-180,  S-200,  S-201,  S-280,  S281,  S-600,  S-601,  S-602, 

S-603,  S-604,  S-605,  S-606,  S-607,  S-608,  S-609,  S-611,  S-620,  S-631,  S-632,  S-633,

S-S636,  S680,  S682,  S683,  S-685,  S-686,  S-900





Craig 910 R/R                                    ( 3 Belts )                  $23.25

Craig 212  Mini 3" R/R                      ( 2 Belts )                  $22.75



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