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Marrs Communications Can find the Belts you need for your Machine.

Marrs is already known to have Belts for Brands and Models that No Other Belt Sellers Have.


This Service has been Free Since 2007 but we are now too Busy to offer this Service at No Cost.


"Other" Belt Sellers do not Offer this Service.

They do not have the Information, Can Not, Will Not, or do not Know how to do the Research.

"Other" Sellers Purchase Marrs Kits to find out what is in them.


After 12 years of Research, Marrs Communications has the most Accurate part number

Interchange and Application Information than ANY other Belt Seller in the USA.

The Quality of our Belts is Highest on the Planet.  ( Undisputed )


The Only complaints we receive from our Customers ?

How long it takes to get their order because we are So Busy. ( This IS true ).

We Stay Behind and always Will, I Hope. This way we can Stay in This Business.


There are only 2 of us running Marrs Communications, Fred and Krista M. ( Family Business )

We Assemble and Ship 100's of Belt Kits Monthly.

We receive 130 to 140 emails Every Day. Please keep this in Mind.

ALL emails are answered eventually.

( See message on Home page about  "order status request" )


If your Brand or Model Number is NOT listed on our Website, we DO have, CAN find your Belts !


The cost of the Research Service is a $15.00 Flat Fee _ NOT applied to the cost of your Belts.

( The $15.00 Research Fee is in ADDITION to the cost of the Belts for your Machine ).


The Cost of your Belt Kit, is based on how many, the size and style of belts needed for your machine.

You are NOT committed to purchase the kit in any Way, but the $15.00 Research Fee is NOT refundable.

If Marrs is Unsuccessful in Finding the belts you need, The $15.00 Fee IS refundable.


There are NO Guarantees with this Service.

There is NO Guarantee the Belts will Fit. We are researching machines that are 25 to 40 Years Old !

There are NO Refunds given for this Service for Any Reason.


Thank you for your Continued Support,

Fred M.